Microsoft changes rules of Windows 10 upgrade game

Microsoft has again changed the rules of its better-upgrade-to-Windows 10 game, announcing that some business PCs running the professional editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 would soon begin seeing notifications to migrate to the newest OS.

“We will begin to roll out the ‘Get Windows 10’ app to additional devices that meet the following criteria, in the U.S. later this month and in additional markets shortly thereafter.” said Matt Barlow of Microsoft, in a post to a company blog Wednesday.

Leak hints that Edge browser extensions are approaching.


We’ve all been waiting patiently for Microsoft to roll out extension support for Edge, because who wants to use a browser without personalized tweaks? Well, it looks like we might get a sneak peek at Edge extensions sooner rather than later.

Why this matters: If Edge’s architecture will really make it possible to turn Chrome extensions into Edge-compatible ones with a few minor tweaks, that could be very promising for the future of Edge’s extension catalog. Of course, that’s what Microsoft also hoped would happen with its approach to apps for Windows 10 mobile devices, and so far that hasn’t panned out. But extensions are far simpler than mobile apps—and Edge isn’t the only browser getting in line with Chrome. Mozilla announced a similar approach for Firefox in August.