Using Google’s Android Phone app to beat spam calls

The Google Phone app can instantly pull up info on any unknown calls coming into your line — and in a particularly cool twist, it can also warn you if the number is known for spammy activity.

Also with the Google Phone app and Android 7.0 or higher, you can block specific numbers with a couple quick taps — and your list of banned digits will always stay synced with your Google account and thus will automatically be present on any other phones you use in the future.

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Fraud, Spam, and Robocalls are on the uptake!

Hiya’s Robocall radar reports there were 1.7 billion spam call made to mobile phone in the month of March 2017. To look at the data click here.

I have been using Hiya with good results and I am happy to see more carrier partnerships utilizing Hiya’s API.