Lastpass price increase.

LastPass recently announced that it has decided to make changes to the company’s personal lineup of password managing services. The premium service has doubled in price.

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Start using a password manager today!

Many cybersecurity experts insist that using a password manager is the best way to make sure you have a strong, unique password for every online account.

For your own sanity and security, install a password manager and change all of your passwords so every single one is different, and every single one is long and hard to crack.

My personal favorite is LastPass but, there are several other good options available.

The Best Password Managers of 2017

LastPass phishing attack may have snagged passwords


Cassidy, who is CTO of Praesido Inc., notified LastPass of the issues. In a blog post, LastPass said it has made improvements that should make such an attack harder to pull off without a user knowing.

Cassidy released a tool on GitHub called LostPass that shows how an attacker can spoof alerts from LastPass, eventually tricking a user into giving up their login credentials.