LifeLock pays $100M to settle FTC complaint of more false advertising


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday announced that the anti-identity-theft company LifeLock will pay a record $100 million to settle a contempt complaint that originated with a court order of five years ago.

Arizona-based LifeLock, which purports to protect consumers from identity theft — and help them regain it if stolen — was once best known for its aggressive advertising, which splashed its CEO’s Social Security number everywhere and dared hackers to steal his identity.

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FTC shuts down “card member services” robocallers


A massive robocall campaign designed to trick people into paying for worthless credit card interest rate reduction programs has been shut down by a Federal Court at the behest of the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General.
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The court order stops the illegal calls, many of which targeted seniors and claimed to be from “credit card services” and “card member services.” The defendants charged consumers up to $4,999 for their non-existent services, the FTC stated.

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