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November 12, 2017

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s take on the Android Launcher is all about productivity. Arrow Launcher is designed to give you quick access to…

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April 24, 2016

Lithium-ion batteries that last a lifetime

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine (UCI)  have discovered how to increase the tensile strength of nanowires that…

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March 6, 2016

9 mobile tools for election junkies

Mobile apps for the informed voter When it comes to the presidential election, it can be mighty challenging to separate…

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October 1, 2015

New Android vulnerabilities put over a billion devices at risk of remote hacking

Newly discovered vulnerabilities in the way Android processes media files can allow attackers to compromise devices by tricking users into…

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August 30, 2015

Samsung Pay Beta is invite only

On Thursday (August 27), Samsung launched the beta version of its mobile wallet, Samsung Pay. And though it’s small for…

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June 25, 2015

A Facebook account is no longer needed for Messenger

Users, in select countries,  can now sign up for Messenger with a mobile telephone number and a Facebook account is…