Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s take on the Android Launcher is all about productivity. Arrow Launcher is designed to give you quick access to your Office 365 files, your contacts, apps and messages without having to do a lot of searching around or tapping. When you install the launcher, it will walk you through setting up your default wallpaper (the daily Bing wallpaper or your current wallpaper) and will import your settings from your current launcher to it.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is free and available for both Android phones and tablets in the Play Store.

Lithium-ion batteries that last a lifetime

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine (UCI)  have discovered how to increase the tensile strength of nanowires that could be used to make lithium-ion batteries last virtually forever.

The discovery could lead to vastly longer lifespans for batteries in computers, smartphones, appliances, cars and spacecraft. The findings were published today in the American Chemical Society’s Energy Letters.

9 mobile tools for election junkies

Mobile apps for the informed voter

When it comes to the presidential election, it can be mighty challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m not talking about the actual candidates (though that poses challenges as well), but rather the onslaught of news, opinion and polling that accompany the whole process. Sometimes it feels like you’re standing in a hailstorm of election coverage with an umbrella made of tissue paper.

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