Change local admin passwords remotely. Quick, Simple, Effective!

This uses the pspasswd tool from Microsoft. Go to and then download and copy it to your c:\windows\system32\ directory.

Then create two files “Machinelist.txt” and a batch file with the code below. Populate the “Machinelist.txt” with PC names you wish to change the local admin passwords on; one PC per line. Then edit the batch file with the correct credentials and the new password information. Make sure the machines are online and then run the script. You need to use an account with domain administrator rights for the –u and –p parameters in order for this to run correctly.

Quick, Simple, Effective!


pspasswd.exe @machinelist.txt -u domain\administrator -p domainpassword administrator newpassword
echo “Complete”

Adfdesign’s Wsus Tool

A handy tool for Wsus administrators who clone PC’s and need to debug and manage Wsus. All of these functions can be done via CLI and Regedit but this tool makes them easy to perform quickly on machines with restricted accounts and strict GPO.

It performs these functions:

#1 Detect now: –wuauclt.exe /detectnow

#2 Clone Fix: — Deletes the following Registry values: SusClientIdValidation PingID SusClientId — Stops and Starts the wuauserv service. — wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

#3 Report now. — wuauclt.exe /ReportNow

I wrote this years ago after spending the better part of a day fixing Wsus issues and wanted a shortcut. Since then it has saved me and the techs tons of time.

You can download it here:


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