Welcome to adfdesign.com a technology news and I.T. services provider. I am a Network and Software Engineer who has worked in I.T. for the past 17 years. I have degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and hold many I.T. certifications. When I have spare time, which is not often, I love to write code. I created this site to publish my apps and scripts and to create a technology news source. Years ago, back in college, I had a website that at one time had over 115,000 visits with 30,000 unique visitors each month. Over the years trends changed, I got married, and had children, and the site fell to the way side. I have collaborated on a few other projects and I am currently the main programmer on a very popular website in the Rockford IL area.

Over the years I have released several shareware titles, was an active developer on the Mozilla Thunderbird project, and I collaborated on a couple of Android projects. During the day I manage a large enterprise network which is spread over seven locations.

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